The Foundation

There is something extremely powerful in sharing your story – in recounting the paths you have walked, the mountains you have climbed, the tears you have shed. You remind yourself of the difficult things you have accomplished. Refreshing your mind, once again, to the goodness of God and how faithful He truly is; how He has intertwined the amazing and the devastating into something extremely good; that even though your feet may be a little bloodied, He has kept His promise and brought you to the other side.3L4A1223

Revelations 12:11 reads, “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”

Telling your story is to the benefit of both you and the listener. Encouraging them through their moments of struggle and reminding yourself of His faithfulness. This is the pillar on which Share Her Story was created. And this is where the Project process is started . . . 

In a small, intimate setting, we begin to peel back the layers of each woman. We ask a variety of question that are not intended to intrude, but rather to gently bring to the surface who she is – how did she got this point, what paths did she have to walk?

As she begins her narrative, progressing through both victories and defeats, her heart begins to truly blossom before us. We will do our best (through both the written word and cinematography) to capture her very character – to draw out the genuinely beautiful strength she possesses.