The Building

The second step of the Project process was formed because we wanted to make each woman feel absolutely exquisite.

This is a deeply rooted desire for women – to be seen and acknowledged as beautiful. Understanding this, we decided to create a day to simply encourage her and meet that innate longing.  Focused on making her feel special and unique, each woman will have a  photo shoot dedicated entirely to her.3L4A1399

Initially, she will have a couple of photos taken without makeup. It will just be her, in her absolute genuineness, her beauty in its raw form.


Then she will be whisked away to be all dolled up; hair and makeup done, wardrobe styled, the whole shebang! We set out to not only make her look gorgeous, but feel gorgeous too. 

Once she is all made-up, she then becomes the model. She can be silly or serene, playful or serious – however each woman desires to present herself. It is a day meant to be full of joy that radiates from a woman who feels truly beautiful.