Our Heart

Share Her Story came about in a way most exciting ideas do – just a spark, just a thought that carried a little more brightness than the others. What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful? What woman doesn’t want to express the devastating lows and soaring highs of her unique story? What woman wants to continue on with her life without the least bit of recognition? The answer is simple, none. Share Her Story was birthed with the intention to show women that they are more incredibly valuable than they could ever imagine.

We (Cayla, Sarah, and Olivia) became co-workers a few years ago. The difficulty of the job bonded us together and its open nature allowed us to spend the majority of our shifts talking about life, God, friends, and family. We discovered that though we are different, we are also very similar.

It was the therapy of sharing our stories – being encouraged at our lows and being celebrated with during our highs – that, as Cayla has put it, “an incredible lightness took over.” It was sisterhood in its purest form and we knew, deep within our hearts, that this feeling must be shared. We wanted to create that for other women – showing them that their stories carry amazing lessons that can set another woman’s heart free.

The question then became, how?

We are creatives. We see life in its fullest when we are creating. For me (Cayla), it’s photography. For me (Sarah), it’s writing. For me, (Olivia) it’s planning and hosting. These are our gifts. These are our passions. And we wanted to reproduce the sisterhood we discovered while working together, using our gifts. But, as we soon realized, there wasn’t a place for us to simply jump on board. This beautiful vision really didn’t exist yet.

We decided to make an opportunity where there was none. For some reason, in many artistic fields, there is a lack of opportunity for creatives who are ready to prove themselves. So, we knew we needed to act in the face of that. How could we celebrate the stories and unique characteristics of individual women if we did not partner with creatives who are trying to find voices of their own?

Thus, the complete vision of Share Her Story was cast.

We are simply three women trying to build a community of encouragement by bringing other creatives alongside us to help spread regular women’s extraordinary stories. Stories that must be heard and need to be shared.

We hope you will join our journey,

Cayla, Sarah, and Olivia