Project Directors


Olivia Israel – Event Manager

(Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017)

Olivia grew up in Cullman, Al and moved to Huntsville in 2009. She enjoys a “put together” look and with an eye for finding beautiful things, she loves crafting masterpieces out of ordinary items. She is a self-proclaimed “dork by day, planner by night” and specializes in event planning. Creativity is her passion and she sees it as one of the many outlets to worship God. She lives with her husband and two gigantic Great Dane-Lab mixes Boomer and Sooner.



Sarah Umbreit – Writer

(Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017)

As one of the founders of Share Her Story, Sarah has been around since the very beginning. Watching the the vision grow and seeing the creative team begin to multiple has been a highlight for her over the past year. SHS was birthed out of the desire for women to feel free to be themselves and embrace their genuine beauty. As the writer, Sarah has written all the content for the site and every  Women of Interest feature, so far, for each project. “Encouraging others with my writing is the best way, I can see, to use the talents God has given me.


 Creative Team


Connie Nichols – Makeup Artist (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017)

Connie is a makeup artist from Mobile, Al. With a passion for art running in her family, her immediate love for this form of artistry has never been in question. She not only enjoys getting to paint on the canvas of the human face, she uses her artistry as a form of ministry. Connie believes that while makeup is not necessary for beauty, it allows women to overcome many insecurities and express their creativity and personalities. She is excited about the opportunity to work with Share Her Sorry because she believes it to be an opportunity, to tell the truth about what makeup is – a powerful tool to accentuate the God-given beauty and originality in everyone.



Mya Kerns – Photography (Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017)

Mya is a high-school student who loves photography and all things creative. With a desire to make people laugh, she is a natural comedian and enjoys capturing their happiness. This is what propelled her to photography and is pushing her towards videography. She was drawn to Share Her Story because of how we are empowering women to use their voice and has hopped on to our Spring ’17 Project. Mya aims to go to college for business with the intentions of one day creating and maintaining her own photography career. She also adores dogs and owns “so many” matte lipsticks.



Brooke Boesing – Photographer (Fall 2017)

Brooke is 19-year-old who loves naps and photography. She grew up in little Athens, AL with her two sisters. Life was rough for Brooke and her sisters – being pulled between her mom to dad. Through the hardships and heartbreak, she found peace in reading the word of God, Psalms to be exact, where praises to our Father are prevalent. Brooke found such joy in looking at images of artwork, landscapes, and people. All of these things are God’s creations and such a wonder! This was how she started to get into photography. She was able to capture and see the world through her camera lens. She and her husband, John, currently live in Madison, AL. Brooke also works full time as a teacher to 2-year-olds.


Past Project Creatives


Macie Dodson – Wardrobe (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Macie has always had an underlying passion for styling. It began as a little girl when she would coordinate her barbie dolls’ outfits. Throughout high school she loved to help her friends with their wardrobes. As life carried on her love of styling continued to grow stronger, but it wasn’t until she took a job at Anthropologie that her hobby  became a career. Although the clothes you wear do not define who you are, styling does give you the opportunity to tell a story about yourself without saying a word!



Sophie Young – Cinematographer (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Sophie has enjoyed telling stories through video ever since she has been old enough to know what a video camera was. Her love for video production has grown through the years, as she has learned to use it through the different ministry areas she serves in at The Rock Family Worship Center. Sophie’s eye for detail, her gift for telling a story through video, and her empathy and natural ability to feel what others are feeling is a winning combination for successful projects! Sophie is excited about this project and looks forward to communicating these visual stories of hope and redemption!



Victoria Schafer – Set Design (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

Victoria has always loved to create and bring things to life. She started drawing and sketching at a young age. Drawing led to painting which led to sewing which led to pottery which led to anything that could be recreated and re-purposed. The idea of creating beauty from common objects is amazing to Victoria. She strives to capture vision and then bring it to life in its fullest form. Victoria is finishing up her senior year at Muscle Shoals High School and plans to attend a university to further her knowledge and gain experience in her talents.

Share Her Story not only desires to encourage and empower the women we portray, we also want to help foster a more accessible creative community. We accomplish this by partnering with young artists itching to prove themselves and display their talent. This creates unique opportunity and helps expand their professional portfolios.