What we’re here for. . .

Believe it or not, this is new to us too.

It’s hard to wrap our minds around – especially for those that have been here since the beginning – but Share Her Story has only been up and running for less than a year. 7 months, to be exact.

Our vision grows continually. Honestly, it is becoming much bigger than anything we could have ever imagined. For us, that’s how we know we are doing something with the Lord’s blessing; because we continually have to depend on Him.

We wouldn’t want it any other way. With the Fall Project completed, the Spring Project in the editing phase, and the Summer Project just beginning, we are already receiving testimonies about how Share Her Story is blessing the women involved.

 When I arrived at the photo-shoot on the 4th, I was more nervous than excited. I tend to forget how insecure I am about the way I look until the goal is to make me feel beautiful.
Most of the time, I hide. I hide in big clothes, behind the camera, taking photos of the rest of the world. I hide behind a make-up free face because I’m afraid that if I wore make-up regularly, the world would be disappointed in my natural face on the days that I didn’t wear any. I’ve done this for so long that it has become second nature. If I hide, I don’t feel the discomfort of the insecurity.
But, on that day, February 4th, there was no hiding. And it was very good for me–healing, in fact.
As I came to each station (nails, make-up, hair, and clothing), the insecurity in me expected to be torn down, that all my flaws would be pointed out. But, everywhere I turned, you ladies met me with kind, encouraging words. You brought attention to different attributes of me and gave me reasons WHY they are beautiful.
The genuineness of your kindness softened something in my heart, and at the end of the day, I saw myself with a confidence and positivity that had nothing to do with make-up or curls. I left believing I have a unique beauty to offer the world that is precious and pleasing in the eyes of my Lord.
In short, thank you so much for what you’re doing. The time, talents, love, and kindness that you’re giving in Share Her Story are bringing the Kingdom of God, with healing, encouragement, and ultimately, unity.
Spring Project 2017 Woman of Interest

We are dedicated to our work. Because we understand what it feels like to be unseen, to feel unheard, to be forgotten. That is what motivated us to start Share Her Story. It is up to every woman to encourage our sisters, our mothers, and our friends.

We are continually learning, growing, changing. But our vision still remains the same . . .

We are here to give the looked-over and forgotten a voice and the unmistakable belief that they ARE beautiful!

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