What it’s really about . . .

I am very fortunate to being able to see the project from all angles. The Fall ’16 Project I was one of the Women of Interest, the Spring ’17 Project I was one of the creatives, and I assisted in wardrobe and set design. Now going into the third project, I am honored to be one of the Project Directors.

I feel so thankful that I was asked to share my story. I love sharing my testimony and love the heart behind Share Her Story. I was overjoyed when I was asked to help with the projects.

My heart is hospitality and planning; and it made me bubble over with excitement when we planned for the Spring ’17 Project to take place at my house. My main objective for the project (and all the ones to come) was to make all the ladies feel welcomed, beautiful, and loved. So, for me, that meant I must make my home welcoming, the wardrobe room peaceful, ensuring that I did everything in my power to make the women feel treasured and prized. But there was also something else that God put on my heart for this project . . . I must do for one that which I wish I could do for all.

Adam Stanley spoke on this idea at a conference years ago. He spoke about how that I, as one person, do not have the ability to change/impact everyone’s life, but I do however have the ability to impact one person’s life. For me that was LaTasha.

As soon as I discovered she was one of the women of interest, God told me that He wanted me to make sure that LaTasha felt loved and beautiful like never before. We were very fortunate that Cotton Threads Boutique wanted to partner with us and loaned us clothes for the day of the photo-shoot, but we, the stylists, also shopped for dressier options as well. With a tight budget, we did not have much to spend on each lady. However, I was determined to be obedient with what God had placed on my heart. I scoured the web trying to find the perfect piece.

LaTasha was the first woman the day of the photoshoot. She was nervous, as most women are, when it comes to wardrobe. However, her nerves were quickly put to ease when Macie and I helped her style her first outfit – this was the one I found especially for her and bought out of my own pocket. I was super excited for her to try it on.

To see the look on her face when she saw herself made the whole day worth it. She glowed! Even more so when I told her she got to keep the outfit because I wanted her to always remember how beautiful she truly was!

When the day was over and we got some rest and time to reflect on the photo-shoot, I felt so honored that God had entrusted me with the privilege of helping one of His beloved daughters feel special and beautiful. He is so much bigger than we give Him credit for because the next thing I knew He whispered this simple yet beautiful question to my spirit, “It doesn’t have to stop with her, you can do this each time. Will you do that for me?” How can you say no when our loving Father allows you to participate with Heaven?

So projects to come, what do they entail for me? I get the privilege of being the Project Manager which means I make pretty forms and keep all our events organized. I am sure I will have other obligations as well, but one is for sure – to do for one that which I wish I could do for all.



Olivia Israel is one of the most analytical creatives you’ll ever meet. Programmer by day, event planner by night, she loves to step in when people are in need. Her love for Jesus is seen most abundantly when she throws herself into a project or event; highlighting the her unique gifting and eye for every possible outcome.

One thought on “What it’s really about . . .

  1. Lisa Laree says:

    I watched all the Fall Project stories and the first two installments for Spring…looking forward to the rest! You ladies have ALL done an amazing job with this project and I am blessed by each story. Keep up the good work!!!


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