Connecting Creatives

The main goal of Share Her Story is to encourage women and to give them a platform to speak, but we also want our blog to be a place to share local and statewide creative projects, businesses, and causes we believe in!

We want to allow other creatives to share perspectives on making, forming, and creating. We are beings personally formed by a Creator who understands the beauty of making. We have that same drive and push in us as well. Not all of us are able to sit down and paint a masterpiece, but we each, in our own way, create beauty.

We pour a part of our heart into what we make, and we hope it’s crafted well enough for others to notice the passion we lend to the piece. If the passion is there, we are driven to perfect our craft even more! In the end though, it’s not about being perfect or right, sometimes it’s more about the bravery it takes to start the process of making.

Sometimes it’s about just taking the step to begin something we believe in. This blog is where we want to feature those people. The passionate crafters, the artists and entrepreneurs, the driven and the wild, you are welcome to share whatever you bring.

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