Oceans, mountains, and everything inbetween . . . – Sarah

Hello all! I hope you have been enjoying what you are seeing so far. Because to be completely honest, I have REALLY been enjoying putting everything together.

I never thought I would be involved in something, from its very conception, that has excited me to the core. I thought I would forever be bound to someone else’s vision, someone else’s idea. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t think I had the ability. I suppose I saw myself as the mild-mannered pack mule of a worker. Put it in front of me, I get it done.

Oh, believe me. I have imagination. I have huge humongous dreams. But I suppose the “realist” part of me saw the many, many mountains and valleys and oceans I would have to cross to make these things a reality and I got scared.

I remember bringing a fraction of what Share Her Story has become to Cayla. I was wanting opportunity as a writer. Something I could work towards that wasn’t as daunting as the Himalayan-like task of the American novel. I wanted something that was fun and brought me joy.

“Why don’t you do a photo-shoot with people that aren’t usually asked to be models? You know, like me and . . .” as I named a couple of other people we both knew. “And then I could write a creative piece about them . . .” I said with the intention of the models being something fictional, rather than themselves. “I don’t know,” she replied, dropping off the word “know,” indicating she really didn’t like the idea.

And I left it at that. What I was thinking wasn’t possible without a photographer. And I knew no one else.

When she texted me a couple of months later, telling me she wanted to do the project, I did a happy little dance around my apartment!

The idea has continue to grow and shift and develop in ways I could have never imagined. Share Her Story has become delightfully complex, its ideologies intertwining in a way that mirrors a tender green vine inching its way towards the sun. That’s how I know Share Her Story truly carries something special – when every time I look at it, I get a new perspective.

I am so thankful Cayla decided to jump onto the idea with me. I think we have something really special. And I can’t wait for our first project release on November 1st.

I have learned that dreams, visions, ideas are possible. If you just start one step at a time. No one can cross the ocean in one leap. Things take time. And process. I am learning that. It also helps if you have a really awesome friend who catches on to what you are envisioning.

I hope you catch our vision too! Because I am having so much fun doing this, stretching myself as a writer and a person, in ways that I never thought possible. I hope you begin to see that you too have the ability to go after your dreams.

That’s why the Lord gave them to you!

With much love and excitement,


One thought on “Oceans, mountains, and everything inbetween . . . – Sarah


    Oh my gosh, Sarah! I ended up on this site because I received a letter to participate as a person of interest. I came here to check it out and see if it was “legit” because who would address a letter to me and start it with “Most beautiful woman”? I actually looked at the envelope again to make sure it got sent to the right person. I read this blog and I can relate to a tee. I am in this place of being unsure where to start. I have dreams and goals that I know only God could bring to pass. And just hearing you describe part of your journey as you started out and what it has grown into gives me so much hope and expectation!


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