For the Love of the Job – Cayla

This project, in the beginning, was something I thought would be too difficult or too much to accomplish. The amount of work and knowledge to carry it out was something I didn’t really think I possesed. But yet, I realized it was something that I needed to be a part of; there was this very serious need in me to create it.

The short version of my story is this: I grew up in a moderately big family, five kids. I had a blast being the oldest, taking care of everyone and making sure they knew I was always right and in charge (all you first-borns know what I’m talking about). This was my job, my role, and my place.

Somewhere in the process of growing up, I became very connected to whatever job was mine at the time. I found my confidence and creativity in doing something, anything. It always felt good to be needed and to be wanted. I could work on something and see results in the form of praise, or simply the fact that inside me I felt “no one else could have done that but me.”And I chased that feeling – that feeling of being needed and indispensable.

However, just in case you were wondering, this “indispensable” feeling doesn’t last. There is this continual compulsion to keep doing, to keep searching, to keep checking off endless amounts of lists. And, if no one actually needs what you are doing, it becomes a very empty hole of unfulfilling uselessness.

I reached this point. I saw the futility of just getting one thing after another done.  I began to question my motives and really look at my goals. I asked myself, “so, what happens when no one needs me? What happens when no one wants me? What happens when I must wait?”

In those questions I heard the voice of God, “It doesn’t matter.

I feel a lot of times His answer to most of my questions is the same, “Cayla, does that really matter?” That is a tough answer to work through, but in the end I realized it truly doesn’t matter if I am wanted or needed by another person ever again. It doesn’t matter if I have a fancy title or well-recognized position. Sometimes it’s okay to just be, and to realize that just me in myself- is okay.

I love creating beautiful things. Through this process of creating Share Her Story, I’ve learned that I want other women to know they are OK, as well. The things that define us are not what we continually bring to the table, but our own uniqueness and beauty.

We all have it, beauty. Yes, even YOU reading this pile of random words! The story we each have is special and treasured. Secure in everyone of us. We all have our own special narrative to share.

I want encourage you to fling wide the door of your heart, to support each story and cherish each chapter, even the ones that are difficult.

I am so thankful to have a team of people who share this passion and are willing to work toward its end. Be encouraged! Your beauty is obvious, your words are needed, and your story is worth sharing.


One thought on “For the Love of the Job – Cayla

  1. Lisa says:

    Cayla, I love you and I am so proud of you! I am enjoying watching your story unfold as our amazing Creator works in you and through you – what a masterpiece you are!


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