Summer Project 2017




“When I peeled back the layers I found a beautiful resilience inside. This is how I know I’ll always thrive.”

Isaiah 33:6 – And he will be the stability of your times, abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is Zion’s treasure.


Madison is absolutely the cutest person you may ever meet. With a smile that reaches from ear to ear, she greets everyone with a genuine compliment. Encouragement is a pillar of her character and she leaves people feeling better about themselves after she leaves.


Madison is a nurturer – she longs to take care of people and heal the broken things inside of them. This has manifested outwardly in her choice of profession. Currently, in nursing school, she is making great strides towards becoming a flight nurse. This is a specific field wherein nurses are a part of the teams of first-responders sent out in helicopters. She hopes one day to take her skills on the mission field.

However, her road has been a very tough one. Feeling deeply the betrayals of close friends and family as a teenager, she found solace in the party scene. Drinking, smoking, and drugs damaged her body and left doctors puzzled as to the diagnosis. 


She was invited to a youth retreat and went, simply just to go. But the Lord had bigger plans that she could ever imagine. One of the speakers there called her out – not knowing anything about her- and Madison encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time in her entire life. Not only that, she was completely healed from that moment on and her life has never been the same.


Yet, the road has still been bumpy for Madison. People she trusted and relied on proved themselves to be untrustworthy. Then one night, not too long ago, she has decided she had had enough. Madison sat in her car, pouring her heart out to the Lord. She was determined to hear from Him and so waited and waited to hear from Him.

But, the Lord didn’t answer her. Heartbroken and feeling utterly abandoned she drove to the hospital to begin her clinical shift. But when her phone connected to the hospital’s wifi, the Lord has something waiting on her.

God has this amazing love for Madison where He shows up in these very real and tangible ways. Beautiful and full of conviction, Madison lives her life in the pursuit of Him. Her lifetime goals show how His love pours through her. Her future is bright. She is honest and brave and while her past held some tough battles there seems to be nothing she can’t overcome, with the Lord’s help. Also, Madison is quite the jokester!