Summer Project 2017



Confidence – “She is someone who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

Isaiah 32:17 – The fruit of that righteousness is peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.

Brittany wears her heart, her love, her passions on her sleeve. This is not a trait that she parades to gain attention from sympathizers and those that only see the world in morose shades of gray. No, rather the love for her Father causes her to express the strength of who she is; because she is Brittany through and through. Her smile is not fake; her joy is not forced. Brittany understands the depth of who she is; she has established her life, her beliefs, her heart on the bedrock of faithfulness of the Lord.


Brittany was born with the God-given ability to guide others; to help them discover their purpose on this earth. It brings her joy to do so. It is her passion and it is her purpose. So much so, that she and a friend started a non-profit which by many different avenues, aids young adults in finding what they are passionate about and helps them realize their dreams.

Like a gardener to her beloved flowers, Brittany longs for whoever may hear her story to flourish, to thrive and to grow. And because of that, she makes her testimony, and its lessons she has gained through this period in her life, so very graspable. She states, bluntly, the truth. Brittany does this so that it will not be lost in translation and cannot be tossed aside. Her heart is for others to benefit from her hardships and her desperately fought battle for her faith.

IMG951972The Lord has guided her through some very deep valleys, but she hasn’t let go of His hand. She has experienced the hurt that comes from confusion and what would appear, to natural eyes, as betrayal. But still, she has not let go. Rather, she has grown closer and more dependent upon Her Savior – the one who can see so much farther than she ever could; the one who leads her to the high ground, where she is able to bask in the warmth of the sun, again and again. She doesn’t fear the path He takes, because she knows His love for her is so strong, so paternal, so protective that sometimes she will have to walk through things she may never understands. She trusts Him completely, irrevocably, resting in the faithfulness of His character. No matter how much her heart may hurt in this moment, Brittany has chosen to follow Him no matter where He may lead.